not the altitude
not the majesty
the conversations between two passionate souls
two artists, two dreamers
mother and son

more alike than unalike

© 2018 Marcia Pilar 031218 the boys WPC: Story

I don’t have much to post from our Rocky Mountain High journey. One, because I was literally breathless, and two, because I have a tendency to forget about pictures when I’m face to face with nature at this level. I was so in awe I couldn’t speak for hours. I’ve seen many mountains, this was an unforgettable experience.

I’ll try to photograph tomorrow’s journey. For now I’ll go on dreaming.

© 2018 Marcia Pilar 031218 luke

And I’ll close with something my son shared with me over breakfast.

The burden of the gift. No one can understand the depths that you go to when you reach down inside yourself, to express. You can’t take anyone with you to those places. Sometimes you find things that are very scary . . . that is a very lonely experience, and it’s not something you choose or would necessarily go after, but something you inherit with your gift.

Eric Clapton speaking about Jimi Hendrix

© 2018 Marcia Pilar 031218 Rocky Mountains, CO


I love my son.


top of the clouds

come fly with me

© 2018 Marcia Pilar, iPhone

Ocean behind me, mountains before me,  Our son has invited me to spend some time with him on the other side of the map, and I won’t be online much, not creating as usual that is.  We’ll be sightseeing and trailing a bit, but I’m looking forward to seeing his mesmerizing aquamarine eyes more than the Rockies.  Maybe I’ll share some pictures.

What a journey, the journey of mothers and sons, and mothers and daughters too. I’m very blessed to know both ends of the spectrum. Each very special.

update 031018

Well, I’m off!  Airborne, top of the clouds  Always a tad nervous about flying, but funny how small things look from up here. Giants are really ants in disguise.

Wish your giants peace and love, dear heart, and see them vanish.

© 2018 Marcia Pilar, iPhone

Onward and upward. Not one glance back!

with the wild ones

In the garden today, enjoying Florida’s glorious season.
Mr. Winter, please stay a little longer?
I know. I know. Not popular.
It’s okay. We get each other.

Found these growing in the grass. The wild ones always catch my eye.

© 2018 Marcia Pilar 030618

I love how my light gray potting bench takes on this almost lavender tone when I chase pinks. Something always surprises me when I load my pictures. I love that.

Not too far in the distance I hear


Not-so-dear summer, hopefully you’ll be detained so flowers won’t fade and greens won’t brown, and potting benches won’t have to be stripped of all dignity and color. Then again,

it’s good to clear away
toss out yesterday
look forward to today and
the return of tomorrow.

And every creature begged for time with the wild ones.

woodland rose

anniversary tea

© 2018 Marcia Pilar 022318

because 33 years is the stuff of fairy tales
the kind with fire breathing dragons
heroes and heroines too

© 2018 Marcia Pilar 022318

be still
slow down and
breathe the roses

on a sea of delphinium

swept away
by waves of blue and violet

Oh how I wish you this love, this Love of all loves.

© 2018 Marcia Pilar 021918

Perhaps then you’d understand how one could be so readily inclined to often drift away on a sea of delphinium.