top of the clouds

come fly with me

© 2018 Marcia Pilar, iPhone

Ocean behind me, mountains before me,  Our son has invited me to spend some time with him on the other side of the map, and I won’t be online much, not creating as usual that is.  We’ll be sightseeing and trailing a bit, but I’m looking forward to seeing his mesmerizing aquamarine eyes more than the Rockies.  Maybe I’ll share some pictures.

What a journey, the journey of mothers and sons, and mothers and daughters too. I’m very blessed to know both ends of the spectrum. Each very special.

update 031018

Well, I’m off!  Airborne, top of the clouds  Always a tad nervous about flying, but funny how small things look from up here. Giants are really ants in disguise.

Wish your giants peace and love, dear heart, and see them vanish.

© 2018 Marcia Pilar, iPhone

Onward and upward. Not one glance back!